Like we say in our tagline — we’re friends... and we have many identities.

WHAT's Inder & Ish?! It’s a conversational podcast turning internal monologues into dialogue. In each episode we’ll be diving into a topic that we’ve all thought of, but only ever discussed in our minds (yeah, we know you have those pretend convos in your head — you're not crazy). It'll range from all things serious to chill — just like our minds — with the occasional guest from time to time. 

So, WHO are Inder & Ish?! Inder is a creative director/fashion designer and co-founder of Australian swimwear label twosix. Ish is equipped with psychology + nursing degrees and currently works as a nurse nanny / moonlights as a blogger 😎. Inder and Ish met in New York about a decade ago when they're paths crossed through mutual friends. At the time, Inder was working in the world of finance and starting to dip her toes into the fashion world. Ishprit was deep into her psychology degree.

Fast forward to last year. We'd both obviously been on parallel self-discovery/self-love journeys. The common thread was that we'd been in our own heads for SO long, whilst not realising that everyone else was doing the EXACT same thing (internal monologue)!! We'd come out on the other side loving life and passionately wanting to share that feeling and our thoughts with others. Hence, the birth of our podcast — Inder & Ish. We definitely keep it real, have a mad laugh at ourselves and constantly work on mastering our mind. Intrigued? Wanna know a bit more about us?! Meet us both below 👇.


Meet Inder

Meet Ish