Dad Jeans — Day to Night

2 Effortless Ways to Rock Dad Jeans 

OK so, there was supposed to be a third look but…blogging is hard. As a newbie to this exciting world, I’m learning as I go and constantly find myself running into a series of unfortunate events… almost always.  With this particular post, I wanted to share with ya’ll how I love incorporating my dad’s jeans into everyday looks. First predicament, I tried completing this project while out of town for vacation. Second issue, there were two big fluffy adorable dogs on the loose during the photo-shoot. Lastly, my momma was my impromptu stand-in photographer (lolol omgomg it was literally the cutest thing ever). With a combination of those three, that hour was exactly the cluster Duck you think it was. Whilst taking deep breaths to keep anxiety at bay, my momma and I had a hilariously jolly good time. 

My favorite part about Dad jeans is that they flatter all body types when worn right! Pair the denim beauts with your favorite belt at your waistline and depending on your weight and height, cuff ‘em at the bottom (or don’t) accordingly! 


Jeans + Blouse & Sandals of your choice – tuck, the blouse into the jeans and dip set your way out the door.


Jeans + Satin Cami & Ankle Strap Block Heels – again, tuck and go.