Holistic Ish — The Intro

This is a space where I’d like to share the holistic approaches I have grown and learned to use during my health journey, which began about five years ago. Believe you me, these posts won’t typically be as long as this one, but I owe ya’ll a little back story before we get started.

I lost 70lbs and worked my butt off only to intentionally start growing my very own hiney in the gym. 

Oh haaayy. 

Now, I know you’re probably wondering how I did it, and before you continue to read further, I want to be very clear in letting you know you won’t be finding any posts on magic diets or potions on how to drop 10lbs in 5 days so you can squeeze into that cute fit for your boo thang. Just real, honest methods I’ve used to help me reach a place of contentment.

Because trust me, I’ve been down that road, and it’s a really bumpy one with a dead end. Having battled eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, experimenting with popular (and harmful) diet pills, and trying other ‘get slim quick’ fads, I obviously very quickly came to the conclusion that — these methods all served as temporary satisfaction, while my soul remained at unease and the pounds kept coming back just as quick as I thought I lost them. 

Let’s rewind to my childhood real quick, because well… our upbringing factors into our physiology! Growing up in a Punjabi household, I was fattened up through a diet consisting of nom.com rich soul foods lathered in ghee (clarified butter). To top it off, when I was 9 years old, my Punjabi father experimentally purchased a Greek & Italian restaurant. I know, exsqueeze me, wtf right?! This was my carb fantasy come true though. That same year at my 5th grade carnival, I was told I couldn’t ride the pony like all my other friends in the same age group, because my chubby self literally required a horse (rofl I can laugh about it now because, #bodypositivity). Needless to say, my life’s always been sprinkled with issues related to weight struggles, body dysmorphia and low-self esteem. 

Six years ago, while living in Manhattan and wrapping up my psychology degree and simultaneously prepping for nursing school, I realized I’d hit my rock-bottom. I was sitting pretty (my confidence has always been weirdly high despite the self-esteem struggles… go figure!) at 220 lbs and thought it would be silly of me to go into a field where I don’t practice what I preach! And so began my fitness journey of meal planning and consistent exercise. 

Once I shed a bulk of my initial weight, I then re-strategized my game plan and began focusing on strength training. Around the same time, I realized I had been neglecting my mental health for many years and was completely unaware of the issues I was facing internally. Overwhelmed by the physical symptoms, I literally stumbled into my very first therapeutic counseling session. So began my voyage towards the metaphorical light through the dark tunnel I was unaware that I was stuck in for a very long while. 

I’m now 27 years old and have never felt this good about both my physical and mental health. I’m still a hot mess and have a fun stack of personal issues I still need to work on, but I’ve never felt this in control. I’m finally at a place in my life where I feel like I’ve got a decent grip on the things that are under my control and then I’m practicing the art of transience for the fun things life throws our way without notice. 

*Long Exale* So yeah! I’ve been through it. I also help take care of my father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 23 years ago. With a combination of everything you’ve read so far, I feel I’ve now reached a point of comfort to share my holistic lessons/experiences/tips and maybe even help guide those of you traveling a similar path. Here’s to learning and growing into the best versions of ourselves — Cheers!