Dressing Better Than You Feel

Fashion doesn’t always come to me with ease. I get stumped more often than not over what I should wear. In fact, there are days where I’m 100% certain that my outfit is a complete bust. Ya know — the ones where no matter the sequence of events, things will just feel like complete shit?!… So, I figured you might as well set the controlled factors of your environment to weather the inevitable “bad day”.

 One of these controlled variables being your outfit.

The Outfit —

The LOOK – Camouflage Button Down (H&M) + Wide Leg Pants (Nordstrom Rack) + Body Suit (Rainbow) + Shoes (Stan Smith Adidas)  

The LOOK – Camouflage Button Down (H&M) + Wide Leg Pants (Nordstrom Rack) + Body Suit (Rainbow) + Shoes (Stan Smith Adidas)  

These wide leg pants are an easy ‘go-to’ for hot summer days. Made of a light breathable fabric, they’re comfortable to wear through the heat and still look chic (mixtape dropping soon? Lol).


The Back Story —

I started this day off with a pep to my step, wholesome breakfast, banana’s in my oatmeal, the kind of day where my dog poo’d on the first attempt instead of her usual pre-poop 5 minute circle dance — you know the one. I was feeling good. Ready. Prepared. I was even looking forward to an important appointment with my psychiatrist.

So, this day which started out great, soon turned into me storming out of the doctors office and ending up parked in a near by parking lot, crying off all my eye makeup, whilst speaking to my mom on the phone and hoping she could make it better... Because moms have this super natural power.  

Anyhow, you get the picture. We’ve all been there. The last thing you want to worry about is your OOTD on those inevitably crummy days. In a world where so much is out of our power, I find solace in controlling what I can.

The Wardrobe Hack —

The next time you’re organizing your wardrobe, consciously pick out (definitely) one or maybe even two outfits that are undeniably comfortable and the kind you’ll be okay wearing even on your worst day. This will cut out at least one major stressor that day, because on those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, every little bit counts.


Style Tip —

Don't be afraid to play with silhouettes. Trends will come and go, but you need to be aware of what works for your body. For instance, these wide leg pants + my dad jeans are my safe options for bottoms. I have found that on me, the wide leg pants create a longer, leaner silhouette and the baggy 'dad jeans' create the illusion of a narrower waistline.

Peace & Love