Honest Charities/Causes For Your Donations

There are many charities and causes providing assistance to those in need — especially in the wake of the several natural disasters which have left hundreds of thousands without food, water, and shelter. When donating, it’s important to do research especially if the charity or cause is an unfamiliar one. Tools like can provide you with the guidance you need to informed giving!

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For What it's Worth — The Intro

I am a Punjabi immigrant. The daughter of two strong, and loving, freedom fighting souls. I am a vegetarian, a budding activist, holistic life enthusiast, feminist, humanitarian, dog-mom, healer, a nurse, care giver, daughter, friend, artist, lover, sister, nomad, a bad ass unapologetic woman of color, a free and wild soul , a citizen of this world who cares deeply about so many things under our magical sun.

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