Ishprit Kaur

Co-Host + Blogger

Ishprit (Ish-pree-t) is a free and wild soul who loathes restrictions, both internal and external. For instance, she stays eating her favorite food, pizza, despite her severe lactose intolerance. A spicy and funky eighties baby, with a psychology and nursing degree under her belt, a passion for easy fashion, mental health awareness, activism, self-love and all things creative, she is a New Delhi born American, who strongly empathizes with cross-sectional immigrant struggles.

She went on a life hiatus during 2016 and most of 2017, during which her primary focus was her own mental health, holistic healing, and helping care for her father, who has been battling Parkinson’s disease for twenty four years and counting.

Fall of 2017 she began working  as a nurse nanny with a precious young soul named Teddy, a medically complicated baby. This has been the perfect segue into the real world for Ishprit. Working with Teddy has been a soul moving experience for her and more than just a job. It also offers her the flexibility she needs to continue with blogging and accomplishing other goals. 

You can catch her coloring the universe with her sassy undertones and feel the vibes of her soul through her blog: