Episode 8 — Consumption: Consuming You?

*Artwork via Pinterest.

*Artwork via Pinterest.

w/ Inder & Ish

Ever wonder if we're living in an age that's being consumed by consumption? What voids are we filling with the endless buying sprees and materialistic goals? This topic has many facets and encompasses all aspects of our lives — career, upbringing, relationships, self worth, etc., etc., etc.

In this episode, Inder & Ish only just scratch the surface of our obsession with 'things' and the discussion takes many turns, as we 100% keep it real. Inder addresses the hypocrisy in her talking about consumption while she is deeply rooted in the industry, and Ishprit discusses her newfound appreciation of 'less is more'. Tune in. It's a good one... Ishprit even puts Inder on the spot and she's actually lost for words...even if only for a split second 😏.


In a practical sense, consumerism is a belief system and culture that promotes consuming as the path to self - and social improvement. As a dominant cultural force, consumerism offers products to address every dissatisfaction.
— Stephanie Kaza, University of Vermont Environment Professor and Buddhism practitioner, wrote in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

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Inder Dhillon