Episode 2 — The Hustle



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Meet Stacey, Co-Founder and Casting Director at 3 Amigos Casting. Stacey has cast for the likes of FOX's MasterChef, NBC's America's Got Talent,  as well as worked with other major networks including Bravo, ABC, CBS, CNBC, Food Network, The CW, VH1, and TV Land.   



This episode is all about the hustle, baby. Stacey chats with Inder and Ishprit about how she's brought a bit of hustle into every element of her life. She's a business woman, a wife, a momma, a gym rat and also makes it her purpose in life to give back. Tune in as we chat about making it work, not letting circumstances hold you back and above all, pushing on to create the life you dream up.

Stacey has kindly shared some photos of her amazing life with us. See her beautiful family, her partners and her killer bod below! 💥


If something comes your way, you’re not waiting for something to turn you off it.
— Inder (10:41)
Fake it ‘til you make it. That it our moto. That is what we do.
— Stacey (10:58)
Entrepreneurial life and the hustle are synonymous with one another.
— Inder (12:32)
That hustle mindset is that innovation and resourcefulness…Alright, something has presented itself, how are we innovatively gonna work with what we’ve got, rather than go through the procedure or manual of things.
— Inder (12:48)
I Dreamt my life, and I’m living it now. That’s success to me.
— Stacey (15:44)
Success is happiness, pure and simple.
— Stacey (16:16)
Success is manifesting the people that you need in your life to have those stepping stones to get you into the next place in your life.
— Stacey (16:24)
Handling your whole life, that’s success for me.
— Stacey (16:59)
My energy can affect people and I have to be aware of that.
— Stacey (23:00)
I think it’s really important for your soul to let yourself go through emotions...if you need to hide away, hide away.
— Stacey (23:50)
You’re able to give back to others because you took the time out for yourself... If you can’t breathe, you cant help another person breathe.
— Ishprit (26:00)
Deep down I know I will never fail. I have this personality...how can people deny me?!
— Stacey (32:00)
You know your value and that is the most powerful thing anyone can have about themselves – to know that you are valuable.
— Ishprit (32:25)
I’m here, I know my worth. I’m not worried about people questioning me because I know what I’m going to bring to this equation and when you believe in yourself, it’s contagious and it gives you credibility as there’s no I guess bigger cheerleader than yourself.
— Inder (33:00)
There’s just no excuse, if you want it bad enough.
— Stacey (39:50)


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Learn more about Stacey's non-profit called Woman Who Lift, as mentioned in the show :

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