Episode 3 — The Art of Social



www.wearethehunted.com // @iamlisaclark

Meet Lisa, a writer, director at We are the Hunted PR agency, social media/digital influencer, and a force to be reckoned with 💥!



It's time we talk about our social media game. We all use it, think about it, obsess over it..?! And it's most definitely not going anywhere! So, let's stop pretending we don't care about it 😒, and chat to an expert about what to share, how much to share, and how to remain genuine.

In this episode, Inder and Ishprit chat to Lisa about how she's created her substantial following, whilst keeping her VERY genuine voice of body positivity and good vibes 😎 intact. She shares some serious wisdom with us and gets real personal about the ugly side of social media. You've gotta have a listen — It's definitely a good one!



My issue going into my social media was that I’m a woman… and I refuse to dumb myself down or to play the game to be cutesy or whatever else.
— Lisa (06:53)
There were a few kind of people who were young and didn’t understand the difference between a strong woman and being a bitch.
— Lisa (07:13)
If it’s something that makes me feel uncomfortable… or if it hurts my feelings… I’m going to speak up about it especially when it is something as important as body image.
— Lisa (11:50)
I’ve learned to love my body… scars and all and I don’t like anyone trying to come in and take that away from me.
— Lisa (12:09)
There are a lot of emotions and feelings tied to social media and it impacts a lot of people on a daily basis.
— Ishprit (14:20)
If somebody is prone to depression or anxiety this will heighten it. However, in general... social media is quite curated and it can be quite uplifting but your mind set has to be ready for that.
— Inder (14:54)
I started appreciating social media more when I had it in doses, where as before I was getting irritated and annoyed.
— Inder (19:15)
If I’m at a dinner or it’s someone’s birthday... those real life things really have priority over my social media accounts. If it’s someone’s birthday and the cakes coming out and my prime time to post is at 6:30, I won’t be on my phone posting.
— Lisa (24:10)
You’re in the moment — you’re living in the moment, which is so much more important than isolating yourself in this false, almost synthesized world of like showreel edits.
— Inder (24:40)
It’s also important who you follow. You want to follow like minded people... I go through these cleaning out periods where I just clean out the people that I follow, when it’s not something that I’m vibing with or it’s not making me feel positive and happy.
— Ishprit (24:51)
I’m very conscious of my daily actions… I’m intentionally and actively working on bettering myself as a person, as a human being right now. I’m literally on a life hiatus for that very reason.
— Ishprit (26:51)
Self-awareness is super important for anything that you do and for growth.
— Lisa (29:00)
The opportunities that have come from this platform have been absolutely amazing.
— Lisa (29:54)
Social media is not going anywhere. It’s a tool...it’s also got darkness to it... Anytime you start looking at it negatively, you need to reflect inwards and think why am I projecting this negativity.
— Inder (41:05)


Music for this episode was provided by wisechild // www.wisechildsounds.com. You can find his stuff at soundcloud.com/wisechildsounds.

Article mentioned by Inder in the episode about mental health (41:48) :
Mental Health and the Effects of Social Media - by Allison Abrams

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