Episode 10 — Leap of Faith


w/ Inder & Ish

Pivotal moments occur in our lives. Our decisions in those moments are what make us who we are. It's always tempting to take the route with a clear paved path, however, what does it look like to take a 'leap of faith' in yourself? Is the fear of the unknown discouraging enough to take the risk? Or can the potential for success be enough of a motivator to take that metaphorical leap?

In this episode, our very own Inder Dhillon is put in the hot seat regarding her life decisions and choices. Having just shown a recent collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia for her co-founded label twosix., Ishprit puts her on the spot to talk through her unconventional journey in life. When did Inder decide to switch from a successful career in finance to fashion? And how has the tumultuous journey paid off along the way? Tune in to hear all the details.

Inder Dhillon