Episode 9 — Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

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w/ Inder & Ish

Lets face it, its always easier to know what's going to happen rather than face the music of the unknown. It's like we're all desperate to know how our happily ever after is going to come to be and we'll take any and every clue along the way to help that process. But are we selectively picking up certain clues??

In this episode, Inder & Ish uncover a concept that sheds light on self-fulfilling prophecies — when a person unknowingly causes an outcome, simply because they expected it to come true. So, what's that concept?? It's the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon aka frequency illusion aka cognitive bias... Intrigued by all this mumbo jumbo?? Listen in. You might just change your outlook on your day by doing so 😏.


Despite science’s cries that a world as complex as ours invites frequent coincidences, intuition tells us that such an explanation is inadequate. Intuition tells us that Baader-Meinhof strikes with blurring accuracy, and too frequently to be explained away so easily. But over the centuries, science has told us that intuition itself is highly flawed, and not to be blindly trusted.

The reason for this is our brains’ prejudice towards patterns. Our brains are fantastic pattern recognition engines, a characteristic which is highly useful for learning, but it does cause the brain to lend excessive importance to unremarkable events. Considering how many words, names, and ideas a person is exposed to in any given day, it is unsurprising that we sometimes encounter the same information again within a short time. When that occasional intersection occurs, the brain promotes the information because the two instances make up the beginnings of a sequence. What we fail to notice is the hundreds or thousands of pieces of information which aren’t repeated, because they do not conform to an interesting pattern. This tendency to ignore the “uninteresting” data is an example of selective attention.
— Alan Bellows

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Inder Dhillon