Episode 4 β€” We're back!!!


w/ Inder & Ish

We're back!! And with a brand spanking new look, name and pep in our step 😏. In this episode, we give you an update on what's been happening since we posted our last episode. Why the radio silence?! Well, tune in to hear all the deets.


It’s a conversation that you guys are tuning into between Inder and Ish about things that are important to us currently, and its just a very chilled out vibe now.
— Ishprit (03:04)
It took me some time to come to that confidence to actually have my name attached to something.
— Inder (10:24)
Oversharing your life in any way isn’t for everyone. It definitely take a level of comfort to share aspects of your life and talk so openly about things.
— Ishprit (10:46)
As per PUNIntended, the message for Inder & Ish is
β€” We’re turning our internal monologue into dialogue β€” that was the reason for this.
— Inder (14:06)


WE LOVE YOUR GUTTS!! Thanks for all the support and we cannot wait to bring you loads of new stuff! 

Inder Dhillon